Money Market Funds (MMF): How Do They Work?

Money market funds are short-term investment vehicles that provide investors with moderate returns. MMF invests in very low-risk instruments that generally have a moderate return on investment, making them safe to use. If you’re looking for a moderate way to grow your money, a money market fund is a good option. MMFs seek to provide … Read more

How to Choose the Best Money Market Funds

In the current economic climate, it can feel difficult to know where to invest your money and earn interest. If you are interested in investing, there are a few choices that can be both safe and profitable. One of the best ways to invest effectively is to learn about money market funds. Money market funds … Read more

The 10 Best Money Markets Funds in Kenya

Investing in money markets funds in Kenya and the world all over is a great way to diversify your investment while earning competitive interest rates. These funds accept contributions from many investors, pool them together, and invest in short-term debt securities such as treasury bills and certificates of deposit. Generally, money market funds are for … Read more

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